#iPlantTrees is a project designed to help reduce the hazardous effect of global warming and explore the endless benefits of tree planting to the socioeconomic area of our lives. Tree has endless benefits, food production and environmental stability are parts of the germane advantages of trees to the society.
The campaign seek to plant at least 1,000,000 trees across the nation within one year of its launch.
We are planting trees that has fruit benefit, tree to wood conversion benefit, herbal benefit, etc.
How to join the campaign

  • Buy your tree seedling of any choice, seek for advice from project leads on choice of seedling and what to consider in making good agronomy decisions.
  • Prepare the location where the seedling will be transplanted, Remember you are planting trees.
  • Transplant the seedlings of the various trees you have bought, record the transplanting process and make sure your seedlings are not less than 5.
  • Upload the video using hash tag #iPlantTrees and tell us about the kind of tree you have planted and it’s benefits to live, environment and lives. challenge everybody of your friend list to join the campaign and enjoy the fun as we save our soil and soil.

Branded #iPlantTree T-shirt is available

For more enquiry speak with

ahis iplanttree project